A Custom Proposal

A Custom Proposal

With a Very Custom Ring


From the moment I met Joel, I knew designing his future wifes engagement ring was going to be such a wonderful experience. As you will see in the picture below Joel brought in pieces that he wanted to use to make a completely new design. He came with the idea that he wanted to create something very unique and traditional. This is a piece that his girlfriend could wear while working at the hospital, as well as something that wouldn’t look too overdone on her hand since she is very petite. My favorite part about the entire design process was the way he wanted to propose. Joel had the idea that he wanted to have a video made of the design process. He knew Abby had an idea that he was going to propose, but when and where was a different question. Since they both like seeing how things are made he thought it would be awesome to show Abby a video of her ring being made.. and then at the end of the video propose with that ring! Because we have such an amazing relationship with our designers they were ecstatic and loved the idea. They personally made the video while the ring was being made and gave it to us with a little surprise ending for Abby. I hope you enjoy the video and the images below!

Thank you Joel for giving us the opportunity to create such a wonderful design and proposal experience!

IMG_6363 This is what Joel brought in to remake into his something new! Using the metal and stones you have is a sweet way to keep the sentimentality of a piece. IMG_6364 Second step is we sketch out a drawing of the piece, remove stones from mountings, and carve a wax!

IMG_6365 Third step is cast and finish the beautiful piece!

IMG_6366 … Here is the finished piece!








Here is Joel’s special proposal video and how this ring was created by hand!