Justin Robinson

justin_robinsonAt Robinson Jewelers, we pride ourselves on offering in-store services. Justin Robinson, Mike’s son, is a third-generation Robinson Jeweler and has been the in-house jeweler since 2004. Justin has been working at his father’s side for nearly 10 years and has spent many hours improving upon his craft by taking numerous courses in stones, metals, and craftsmanship.

Among his certifications completed are the Platinum and Gold Smithing, Basic Stone Setting, and Advanced Stone Setting, all of which were completed under the instruction of Blaine Lewis at the New Approach School for Jewelers in Virginia. Justin has spent years perfecting the craft of stone setting and metals smithing in order to bring you the finest workmanship possible.

We have recently added the Rofin Starweld DX laser welder in order to bring you even more precise artistry. By using the laser welder, Justin is able to work on your most precious pieces without leaving any solder joints, making it a seamless design.

Justin Robinson treats every piece with the utmost care. Whether it is your everyday piece of costume jewelry or your great-grandmother’s antique engagement ring, Justin takes special care with your jewelry. He prides himself in his repair work, custom jewelry creations, and engravings and hopes to leave you with a lasting memory.