Add a Pearl Tradition

Add a Pearl Tradition

It starts with one ..


The add-a-pearl necklace has been around for years. More specifically it was launched in 1915 as a way for moms and grandmas to purchase a nice strand of pearls for their daughters over time. This was the start of a legacy of tradition for many families. A long time ago pearls like this were very rare to come by as well as expensive. The company Add-A-Pearl came up with this idea to serve two purposes, the demand was high but the merchandise was few so by purchasing one pearl at a time it helped keep demand down, also they were at a high price, so one at a time purchasing of the pearls gave women an affordable option.

Now over 60 years later we are still continuing the tradition. Surprising little girls and woman with the gift of a single pearl to mark a special moment in their lives. Seeing women come in before their wedding to restring and possibly put the final touches on their add-a-pearl necklace so they can wear it on their wedding day is a true joy to see. So many moments leading up to one of the biggest in her life draped around her neck.