Are you a Robinson Bride and Groom?

Are you a Robinson Bride and Groom?

Do you want to be a part of our Bridal Campaign?


Are you a Robinson Jewelers Bride and Groom or in the process of getting married? If you answered yes, then you need to read this!

Why do we need you?

As we kick off bridal season we are hoping to be able to not only feature here on our blog our past couples but also use your photo’s and experience to spread the word about Robinson Jewelers. Over the next year we will be featuring, your love story, buying experience, and wedding pictures with the world! …. or at least as far as our website and advertising reaches of course!

Where will you find your story and images?

We are going to be using your story and images across all platforms of social media and our continuous advertising campaign in the Greenville and surrounding areas! This is going to include but not be limited to all social media, a featured blog post for each couple, Magazine ads, in-store artwork, emails, newspaper, and the list continues!

Already Married Couples

If you have already tied the knot please send us 5 to 10 pictures from your wedding day including detail shots of your ring. In the email you send please tell us about your experience with robinsons as well as a little bit of your love story. We want to know why you and your fiance chose us and why others should do the same!

Newly Engaged Robinson Couples

We also are in need of proposal stories about our newly engaged couples! Tell us your proposal story, how you chose your ring, and your experience working with Robinson’s. If you have them we would also like your engagement pictures and any pictures that feature your Robinson Ring!

Please send all emails to 

I cannot wait to read your love story and feature you as a Robinson Bride!