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  • Taylor and Breanne’s Love Story


    Taylor and Breanne’s Love Story

    Our happily ever after started in high school gym class. The spring semester of 2009, both Taylor and I signed up for softball. Since Vermont weather is rather unpredictable, our first few games were played on a muddy field. Up to bat, I hit the ball and made it safely to first base. This tall, lanky […]

  • Post Proposal: What you should know about your ring after he pops the question!

    Post Proposal: What you should know about your ring after he pops the question!

    Maybe if you are reading this he just popped the question and you have a brand new piece of bling resting on your left hand. First off CONGRATULATIONS! This is such an exciting time in your life and we truly are so excited for you! For most girls this may be your first piece of […]

  • Engagement Ring Shopping Tip #3!

    Creative Ways to Figure out Your Partner's Finger Size!

    Engagement Ring Shopping Tip #3!

    Figuring out your girlfriend’s finger size is easier than you think, but just in case you are having trouble with this .. here are a few of our favorite ways to snag her finger size without being completely and totally obvious! 1.We have a beautiful thing called a wishlist in our store. Many couples now […]

  • Introducing Eleganza

    Silver and 18kt Yellow Gold

    Introducing Eleganza

    2017 here at Robinson’s is all about bringing you fresh new looks! We are working hard to bring you new designers, new ideas, and new reasons why you won’t go anywhere else! We kick off the year with a new fabulous line you won’t be able to stop yourself from buying! Eleganza is a sterling silver […]

  • Garnet

    January Birthstone


    What is the Birthstone for January? Giving a piece of jewelry containing a birthstone gem will bring the wearer with good luck and protection. Monthly birthstones symbolize the month of birth according to the Gregorian Calendar. What is the Birth stone for January? The following old poem provides the answer!  January Birthstone poem – the […]

  • Annual 11 Hour Sale

    One Sale. Once a Year

    Annual 11 Hour Sale

    The trees have been decorated and the lights have been strung and we are now ready and excited to announce our 11 Hour Sale this Friday! Once a year we hold an 11 Hour Sale to help you kick off your Holiday shopping! Friday from 9 am to 8 pm take advantage of sales up to […]

  • Engagement Ring Shopping Tip #2:

    How to buy a loose diamond

    Engagement Ring Shopping Tip #2:

    Buying a diamond in the 21st century is completely different than 30 years ago! Before, you could walk into a mom and pop jewelry store and pick out a ring from the case that was finished and completely ready to walk out the door with it. Although we have some like this in most cases your […]

  • Engagement Ring Shopping Tip #1

    Search Her Pinterest Page for Clues!

    Engagement Ring Shopping Tip #1

    “Surprising your girlfriend with the perfect ring these days is as easy as ever!” Our first engagement ring shopping tip is to check her pinterest! As a 20 something year old woman with a pinterest page it is without a doubt impossible not to go on pinterest and pin items for the future! When “stalking” your […]

  • The Robinson Wishlist

    The Robinson Wishlist

    The holidays are a great time for wishes. Here at Robinsons we have this pretty sweet thing called a wishlist. I don’t know about you but there is nothing better then getting to try on new baubles and save them for a special someone to come surprise you with. Figuring out a persons style is […]

  • September Birthstone Month

    September Birthstone Month

    It is September and that calls for all things Sapphire! Now traditionally when people think of Sapphire they automatically think of BLUE .. but did you know Sapphire does come in all sorts of colors, even a beautiful white like diamond? We did our research and it seems as though September’s birthstone, Sapphire is associated with […]