Happy Fourth of July!

Happy Fourth of July!

Vacation Jewelry Care Tips!


We know many of you will be traveling out of town towards the beach, lake, river, or finding the nearest pool over the holiday to jump into, so we decided to let you in on these tips to keep your jewelry safe and clean while you are having fun! 

1. Take your jewelry off and keep it in a safe hidden place while you are in the pool or at the beach. Chlorine is one of the worst chemicals for your precious pieces.

2. If you are going on vacation don’t leave your jewelry in a jewelry box on your dresser where any intruder could find it. Hide it in an inconspicuous place, like a cereal box in the highest cabinet in your kitchen. 

3. Have your pieces checked and cleaned by us before you leave. It helps them look fresh, but also assures you that your stones are not going to fall out while you are having fun!

Enjoy your holiday! In observance of Independence Day we will be closed Saturday, July 4th, 2015!