How To Style Your Wedding Day Jewelry

.... The Right Way!


Styling your wedding day jewelry can sometimes be as daunting as picking out the perfect dress and shoes for the big day. Today’s bride has a million options to choose from for wedding dresses and there aren’t any less options for day of Jewelry. Here are a few tips to think about when starting your search for the perfect pieces to finish off your beautiful look.


Tip  1

Take into consideration the color of your dress. If you have gone with an off white, candle light white, blush, or Ivory dress you may want to think about warmer color jewelry. Pinks, Reds, Rose or Yellow gold. These pieces are going to bring out the color of your dress and the jewelry is really going to pop without being too much!


Allison-Kaufman’s Rose Gold and Morganite earrings Necklace and ring are the perfect pair for a blush wedding dress!

Tip 2

The texture of your dress is so important to think about when picking your pieces. If you go with a very simple dress with little to no added detail you can go bigger with your jewelry. But if you choose a dress with a lot of embellishment you may want to go simple. The jewelry is meant to be the icing on the cake… but not take away from the actual cake.


Our Imperial Pearl Line is full of unique pieces for your big day! These pieces here are Pearl and sterling silver and have a really glitzy look to dazzle up any simple wedding gown.

Tip 3

Neckline is important to think about because if you choose a dress with a very high neckline you may want to forgo the necklace and choose big fun show stopper earrings. Also if your dress is covered in crystals, jewels, or pearls I would dress up the wrists and right hand instead of earrings and necklace.



Gabriel & Company Pearl and diamond earrings in 14k white gold. The off white pearl is a perfect addition to this ivory dress.