It Starts with a Solitaire

It Starts with a Solitaire

With stackables.. it's not just a solitaire .. it's your story!


Solitaire diamond rings have been one of the most popular engagement ring choices for many years, a beautiful diamond set upon a sleek, dainty band of gold…. what could be better, right?¬†¬†Although women love the simplicity of this choice they also love the fact that it is so easy to remount later or even add bands to change the look. I wanted to take a little time and show you some different styles that we put together to help you take your solitaire from just another solitaire… to something completely and totally unique. Your stack is your style, and there is a good chance you will never see the same stack walking down the street. Isn’t that the most important part, being completely and totally unique?

It all starts with a solitaire..


Now this post isn’t just for newly engaged girls… this post is for anyone who has a solitaire new or old and wants to find a way to make it completely and totally unique without buying an entirely new ring!


The rings shown in this picture is one of the simpler stacks. Only adding one ring on each side. The infinity gold ring has 0.17 carats of diamonds and is $938.00. The deco art style gold and diamond ring is 0.18 carats and is $750

What is great about this set below is you can leave your diamond at home if you don’t feel comfortable wearing it all the time and just wear the bands!


For this stack I thought to myself… a lot of woman aren’t ready to totally give up on their polished wedding band they received on their wedding day. So instead of taking it out we added to it. Between the diamond and the polished band we added a spacer stackable with a beaded edge to give her set some dimension. This band is 14kt yellow gold and is $225.00. Then to dress it up we added the floral diamond band which has 0.09 carats of diamonds and is $750.00.


We not only have stackables with diamonds but we also have them with colored stones. The newest favorite is for each child you have you add a new band to show their birthstone.



Time to show how to dress up your white gold solitaire!



For the white gold solitaire mounting we chose to add in a little rose and white gold! The floral band we showed you earlier in yellow also comes in rose and white gold. The rose gold version is $775. The rope bands serve as a spacer and are $298.00 a piece. Then to finish the set off we added our favorite diamond band with baguettes. This ring has 0.56 carats of diamonds and is $1,738.00.



For a more classic look we added a diamond insert to the white gold diamond solitaire ring. This diamond insert is 0.48 carats and is priced at $1,440.00. We then thought it would be great to add some blue sapphire accents to it. The marque shaped band on top has a total stone weight of 0.80 carats and is $963.00 The blue sapphire band at the bottom is $448.00.



Last but not least one of my favorite stacks! We have already shown you the baguette band and blue sapphire stack but we added a little two tone look with putting them together with this gold criss cross diamond band with the satin texture. This band is $763.00


To conclude … there are so many options to choose from, and no stack will ever be the same. Stop in and let’s create your stackable style! It is so fun to sit down and play dress up!

All stackable bands in these pictures are designed by Gabriel & Company. Each piece is in-stock and can be purchased from our store. In the market for a solitaire engagement ring? We have those too! Stop in and speak with one of our Jewelry consultants to start stacking today!