Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Surprise your Mom with something personal this year!


“If jewelry bought for MOTHER’S day generates eyes that GLISTEN, cheeks gently flushing and a knowing SMILE stifling the SWEETEST of giggles, then it will never see the inside of that box again.”

Personalize It!

You can easily shop hundreds of personalized options by clicking here. Write down what you want and stop in or give us a call to place your order!  Pricing dependent upon metal, stone choices, and add ons. (please review cut off ordering dates when choosing your item) 

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Gifts Under $100

Our Rembrandt charms are great for hanging on a silver chain or having soldered on a charm bracelet!

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Angelica bracelets are fun stylish and can be stacked together! Here are two bracelets we love perfect for mom that are under $40.

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Colore | SG Birthstone Rings

Colore | SG stackable rings can be welded together to create one ring. These rings are sterling silver and typically are $75-$95.



Mom’s Love Gabriel Stackables!

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Diamond Pendant Mom’s!

Give mom something to dazzle over! With our heartbeat collection necklaces she will never stop sparkling.

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