The one thing that won’t last forever … the Payment!

The one thing that won’t last forever … the Payment!



We are so excited to announce you now have options! With Robinson Jewelers Financing you can now finance your purchases and be a Robinson Jewelers Card Holder!  For the past few months we have been working to create an even better shopping experience for Robinson Customers! Today we have rolled out the red carpet (figuratively of course!) Stop in and apply and become a Robinson Jewelers Card Holder.

Here are a few reasons why using our Robinson financing option for purchases is an amazing opportunity!

1. Cash Management
— Take advantage of our special financing features that include promotional financing options in which the interest is deferred for a number of months, dependent on the total sale amount. Keep your cash, use our Robinson Financing options!

2. Upgrades
— Many gentlemen looking to purchase an engagement ring want to get their future wife the most perfect ring, but sometimes their budget doesn’t allow for it. Utilize deferred interest free financing or fixed monthly payments with a reduced interest rate to get the ring of her dreams.

3. The Element of Surprise
— I imagine it is your 25th wedding anniversary and you want to surprise your beautiful wife with a nice piece of jewelry to mark the occasion. By being a Robinson card holder you can keep the purchase a secret until the big day! The element of surprise is so hard after 25 years and they know your every move and every purchase because let’s face it, what’s hers is yours!

4. Life Happens
— Your card isn’t here just to use for new large purchases, it’s also great to use for repairs! Use it to pay for family heirlooms that need a little TLC, your ring sizing when you lose all that weight after new years, or just the little things.

One of my favorite parts about being a card holder with Robinson’s is through the year there are special promotions that only card holders can take advantage of. An example is during Christmas there are times when you can receive extended interest free financing for 12 to 36 months! 

You must apply in store. The application process start to finish takes around 15 minutes. For all your purchase needs large or small consider being a Robinson Jewelers exclusive card holder!