Refresh & Renew Month!

Refresh & Renew Month!

& After Christmas Alterations...



We are starting a new tradition at Robinson Jewelers called refresh and renew month! Every January we want to make sure your jewelry is ready to be worn for the next year.

As you start working on your resolutions stop in and add jewelry maintenance to your list. Many people don’t have their jewelry regularly checked and cleaned so that is why we want to remind you that your stones could be loose or your prongs could be worn, let us help you work through those issues.

Jewelry is meant to be worn not sit in your box out of worry that something will happen.


Here are a few ways we can help you keep your jewelry in top shape for the coming months!




We offer a complimentary check and clean of all your jewelry any day of the week! We aren’t concerned whether or not it was purchased from our store, but we are concerned about helping you keep your pieces in perfect wearing condition. Let’s make them sparkle again and make sure all stones are tight and prongs are looking great!





White gold you may have noticed starts to wear to a yellow color over time. This is because the Rhodium that is on the finish of your ring is starting to come off. We offer a Rhodium finish service where we buff and polish your rings and then do the Rhodium finish process to make them look like the day you bought them! This service is $45 per piece of jewelry.



Over time life can happen to your rings. What I mean by that is a polished ring isn’t going to stay polished forever. Your ring will get scratched over time and we are happy to help make them look like new. Our buff and polish process will ultimately remove as many scratches as possible making it nice and shiny again! This process price is dependant on what type of metal your piece is.



Other services you may be interested in that our in-house repair shop can help you with are:

  • Welding your rings together
  • Welding your charms onto your bracelet
  • Sizing rings up and down
  • retipping prongs
  • Engraving (hand and machine)
  • Pearl stringing

We can’t give you an accurate quote of repairs over the phone so please stop into our store any day of the week with your pieces for an estimate!