Something Old & Something New

Something Old & Something New

How Kate took something old and made it new for her wedding day with Robinson's!


Last week I posted on our blog about wanting to start featuring real stories from our bride and grooms who chose Robinson’s as their home for jewelry (read here). Over the weekend I received a number of stories full of beautiful pictures from their wedding days. What I love about the jewelry industry and why I doubt I will ever leave it is the fact we have the opportunity to impact so many beautiful and wonderful moments for people. It isn’t just about a piece of jewelry for us, it is about helping our guests celebrate and mark the most special moments in their lives with a keepsake that hopefully one day will get passed down generation after generation.

One story really caught my eye and I thought I would share a snippet from it. I don’t want to post the full feature yet but I thought this was worth sharing.

Kate shared with us this special Robinson Moment:

Wedding Monday Moment, Kate

Diamond Studs with an added drop pearl to complete Kate’s Wedding Jewelry Look.


“When wedding planning began, I had ideas of jewelry I wanted for myself and went in with ideas in my head. I had diamond studs my dad gave my mom the day I was born, that she gave me to have and wear on our wedding day, and I wanted to add to it. I explained my idea of a slide on dangle pearl to add to it and they made it perfect!!” – Kate

Thank you Kate for allowing us to change your something old to your something new for your wedding day. We will be featuring the whole story on the blog coming soon.

If you are reading this and have a special moment you would like to share with us, send your story and pictures to We look forward to hearing your stories and featuring you as a Robinson Bride and Groom!