Spring is in the air…

Spring is in the air…


Spring is in the air at Robinson Jewelers! We are itching to open up our doors and let that beautiful weather sweep through our store! With spring comes so many wonderful events, first there is Easter, then Mother’s Day, students who have been working so hard graduate high school and college, and the list goes on. To prepare for spring we spend hours with designers picking out the perfect pieces to mark each event with a special bauble. We thought we would help you out a little bit and give you some great ideas for each special event in your life.

We don’t want to bombard you with too many pretty options so quickly so we thought we would start out with Easter since it is just a few short days away! We have chosen a Gabriel and Co. Sideways cross Necklace and Bracelet in Sterling silver. The Necklace has gorgeous white sapphires in the cross to give it a little bling! Also by Gabriel is a stainless steel and sterling silver cross bangle that is comfortable and adjustable for any wrist size!

Because doting on our kids and giving them special mementos to mark special occasions is way more fun than buying for ourselves we have a beautiful Cross Pendant (that does include the chain) and matching cross stud earrings. Both are made in sterling silver! All the pieces you see below are available in store and ready to wrap up!

We hope we see you soon!