Summer Jewelry Care

Summer Jewelry Care

When in doubt... take it off!


The southern hot days are upon us! As I drove to work and looked down at my dashboard and read 79 degrees at 7 am this morning I knew exactly what I was going to write about today. With this heat comes days at the beach or laying out by the pool. Lathering up on lotions and sunscreen to keep our skin nice and fresh as well as long exposer to the outdoors. As you go into summer I want you to remember a few tips on how to care for your precious pieces of jewelry. If you want them to last a lifetime you need to consider extra care during the summer months.

For The Beach Goer….

Do us all a favor and just go ahead and take it off before you hit the beach! … Your jewelry … just your jewelry :)

The reason why we suggest you never wearing your jewelry in the ocean is because not only could you lose diamonds, but you could lose the entire piece all together. When a big wave comes over you and throws you under, the last thing you are thinking about is making sure your ring stays on. You are thinking about not breathing through your nose and making sure you come up for air.

Second reason you shouldn’t wear your jewelry in the ocean is because the salt water isn’t good for your jewelry. If worn over and over again in the ocean it can start to wear down your prongs and then you are prone for losing those precious diamonds that your husband once picked out for you.


I can tell instantly between the beach goers and the pool goers when you drop your rings off for repairs and cleaning. Under no circumstances should you ever be caught in a chlorine pool with your jewelry on. Chlorine not only will highly corrode your jewelry but in some instances will discolor a selection of natural gemstones.


When you think about how much time you lay in the sun and how the sun makes your skin react remember to think about how the sun is affecting your jewelry. Just like you want to keep your skin healthy, let’s keep your jewelry healthy. When putting on sunscreen always remove your jewelry. Putting on lotion and oils will not only make your jewelry look grimy but also can be unhealthy for it.

How You Should Care for your Jewelry

Be smart, if you think you are walking into a situation where your jewelry could be compromised it’s best to just go ahead and take it off. Have it regularly checked and cleaned by your local jeweler who will make sure your prongs are holding up and your stones are all tight. At home keep them in a clean space when you are cleaning, gardening, pooling, beaching, or lounging.