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  • Summer Jewelry Care

    When in doubt... take it off!

    Summer Jewelry Care

    The southern hot days are upon us! As I drove to work and looked down at my dashboard and read 79 degrees at 7 am this morning I knew exactly what I was going to write about today. With this heat comes days at the beach or laying out by the pool. Lathering up on […]

  • Something Old & Something New

    How Kate took something old and made it new for her wedding day with Robinson's!

    Something Old & Something New

    Last week I posted on our blog about wanting to start featuring real stories from our bride and grooms who chose Robinson’s as their home for jewelry (read here). Over the weekend I received a number of stories full of beautiful pictures from their wedding days. What I love about the jewelry industry and why […]

  • Dreaming of salty air, sand between our toes kinda days…

    Beach inspired jewelry has arrived!

    Dreaming of salty air, sand between our toes kinda days…

    We are dreaming of salty air, wind blown hair, and sand between our toes kind of days here at Robinson’s. Eastern North Carolina continues to get little tastes of summer with a few warm days in between the cold ones. Today with it being 80 degrees I knew I needed to write about summer. We […]

  • Spring is in the air…

    Spring is in the air…

    Spring is in the air at Robinson Jewelers! We are itching to open up our doors and let that beautiful weather sweep through our store! With spring comes so many wonderful events, first there is Easter, then Mother’s Day, students who have been working so hard graduate high school and college, and the list goes […]

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