Lifetime Guarantee

As a thank you, on any piece sold or created by us, we offer a complimentary Lifetime Diamond & Gemstone Guarantee

We offer a complimentary Diamond & Gemstone Guarantee with every piece of jewelry created by us or purchased from our store; the best part? It’s for life!

All we ask is that you come in every 4 months and let us check and clean your jewelry and sign off on your guarantee form. If a stone should fall out or need tightening and you’ve been keeping up with your guarantee form, we’ll replace it free of charge*, and that’s the Robinson Promise. However, even with the warranty, it’s critical to have your jewelry insured in the event of loss, damage, or theft.

Additionally, on your pieces from us, we offer these complimentary services:

Moving? Rest easy because we can transfer our guarantee to be checked and cleaned to a jewelry store near your new home.

*Please see our Robinson Promise Page for exact specifications, conditions, and exclusions. The Robinson Jewelers Diamond & gemstone Guarantee applies only if the loss was not caused by damage.