Real Service

At Robinson Jewelers, we love to help our clients and want them to feel at home and at ease. Should you ever want your jewelry professionally checked and cleaned, please don’t hesitate to come in and ask, and on your way out, help yourself to a complimentary cleaning kit!

All of our staff is fully trained to check your jewelry for any loose or chipped stones as well as how your prongs are holding up.

All repairs are done in our in-house, full service repair center; your jewelry will never leave our store. One of the owners, Justin, is our bench jeweler and he has spent many hours improving upon his craft by taking numerous courses in stone setting, metals, and craftsmanship. Among his certifications completed are the Platinum and Gold Smithing, Basic Stone Setting, and Advanced Stone Setting, all of which were completed under the instruction of Blaine Lewis at the New Approach School for Jewelers in Virginia. Justin has spent years perfecting the craft of stone setting and metals smithing in order to bring you the finest workmanship possible.

He is responsible for our repair department as well as running the store and purchasing new items and diamonds! Also, on all our handpicked diamonds we offer a price match guarantee* as well as a lifetime trade-in/trade-up guarantee

*For our price match guarantee, you must be able to provide a valid diamond grading report for us to see so that we may price match an exact stone to the grading report provided*